18 2 Warehousing

Project Info:

ezzaninefloor.ie's client is leading supplier of Point of Sale and marketing solutions. As part of their on-going business expansion our client contracted mezzaninefloor.ie to install a single tier mezzanine floor with access stairs to link two existing concrete mezzanines. The resulting large mezzanine was then shelved out to be used for storage for the clients’ products.

mezzaninefloor.ie designed and installed the mezzanine floor to a working warehouse and installed handrail and up and over pallet gate to the complete floor.

  • Application: Warehousing
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 18 Square Metres
  • Height: 3450mm Finished floor level
  • Grid: Minimum number of columns
  • Loads: 4.8 kN/Sq metre
  • Accessories: 1 no. Stairs
  • Accessories: Handrail to exposed edges